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  • The 2003 Iraq Invasion

             The 2003 invasion of Iraq created various long-term consequences that the US did not gage or prepare for. The region went from being controlled by three great powers to a bipolar power system. This war left a power vacuum in Iraq which ultimately contributed to deeper sectarianism and political upheaval.   […]

  • Water Footprints and the MENA Region

          I have never really thought deeply into how much water I consume on a daily basis-especially through the food I eat and other virtual uses. After calculating my consumption through the water footprint calculator, I discovered I use 1,869 gallons on an average day. For a weekly basis, the minimum amount of […]

  • The “Others” in our Community

            Throughout the Eastern shore, Maryland, various ethnicities, races, and religions are prevalent but this does not guarantee an integrated community, or at least by my standards. To have this community, you need unification, the consideration of all individuals, and a balance of power in the political realm. My small-town lacks some […]

  • Growing Up on Different Sides of the World

           Easton, Maryland- a small town located on the Eastern shore with an estimated population of 17,000 people. A town where there is an urgent drug crisis that is swept under the rug, and where poverty is merely looked away from. Amongst this population are farmers, waterman, stock investors, lawyers, and doctors. The […]