Marriage Debates and Post-Stonewall History

Watch the short video posted on our syllabus page.  Then, after you have watched it leave a comment here answering one of the following questions:

~ What were you most surprised to learn about from this era of LGBTQ+ rights?

~ What kinds of debates around LGBTQ+ rights are still going on today? Can you connect them to this history?

~ Do you see any of the ways that we can connect our other readings to this quick overview of history? In other words, were any of our readings already engaging with this history? How?

How to add pronouns to Zoom

Hi all!

As we are Zooming our way through these first few weeks of class, it might be quite useful for us to all add pronouns to our Zoom names.  To do so, hover over your video image when in a session.  When the blue box with three dots appears, click that and follow to Rename.  Once there, you will want to edit Display Name.  Don’t forget to hit OK!

Or, if you are not in session, open your app and click on the home icon/tab at the top, then click the settings cog image in the right corner.  From there, click Profile, the Edit My Profile, and finally the Edit button near your name.  Then you can change the display name to include pronouns. Don’t forget to Save Changes before you leave!