Lou Walton (Class of 1972)

I was saddened to learn of Dr. Lockhart’s passing. I entered Dickinson in the fall of ’69 and initially struggled as a student. After meeting with Dr. Lockhart one day (remember his broad smile as he walked in the hallways or across campus?), he “lobbied me” to major in Latin. What a wonderful decision…who could say “no” to Dr. Lockhart? His ongoing support for me over the years never wavered…from encouraging me to spend a summer in Italy examining the Pompeii ruins and Roman architecture to his continued encouragement of my efforts to attend law school.

Above all faculty members, I’ll always be grateful for his unwavering support. A decade after my law school graduation and while pursuing a successful law career I received a voice message one day. “Just called to say hello, Lou and see how you were doing.” Yes, that was Dr. Lockhart…always caring about his students.

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