The liberal agenda is a problem for our communities. Switching to clean energy has a multitude of consequences for our citizens and the middle class. Propane is essential to everyday life within our communities, and many poor folks will be unable to afford wind and solar alternatives. This in turn will force the middle class to help pay for the poorer people, which will also hurt the middle class in the long run. Although switching to clean energy can help reduce our environmental footprint, the consequences outweigh the rewards.

As an alternative to the clean energy issue, one thing we can do to improve our community is mass recycling. This will serve as an alternative to the propane issue. By improving our recycling practices, we can improve our environmental footprint while also maintaining a strong and stable middle class. We can also start slowly limiting our use of propane rather than getting rid of it all at once. In the future, clean energy will need to be implemented, but as a solution in the short term this serves well. This is a solution that doesn’t hurt the middle class, while also helping to protect our environment.