For this blog post, the website I decided to look at was Vox. First, I went to the “About Us” section on the Vox website. The first big statement they had was “Vox explains the news”. I thought this was interesting because based on who you ask, the news can be interpreted in different ways. The about us section said little about their own personal bias, but it did lay out the topics they cover. After this, I went to the “How we make Vox” section. One of the sections talked about how Vox tries to use visual graphs and charts to capture the reader better. Ezra Klein, the founder of the website said that “journalism focused on readers’ needs and interests won’t necessarily cater to the tastes of other media pros”. This is interesting because it shows that Vox is willing to be unique in how they go about doing journalism. When I clicked on the “politics and policy” section, there was also nothing about media bias. I found this interesting because normally I think of Vox as a more left-wing news cite.