For my media bias analysis, I decided to choose Forbes. During my selection process, I wanted to choose a source that would be both well-known/familiar to me and also something I had cited in the past. I’ve used Forbes multiple times but always questioned its reliability/credibility as well as its political bias. In my research, I discovered that Forbes has a reliability rating of 43.74 (strong and in the green zone) and tends to have pretty balanced media bias overall with a rating of -3.04 (leaning slightly left). I would say that this data does not really surprise me as any time I’ve used an article from Forbes in the past, I’ve never noticed any obvious political bias, and seeing as the audience size of the source is approximately 57 million, it’s clear that this is a very credible/reliable source to cite. I think that in the future I’ll definitely feel secure/reliable about using Forbes, and I’m glad that the research I did was able to show positive results.