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Nuclear energy

I am not against nor a fan of nuclear energy. Theoretically, this form of energy sounds amazing. It can offer clean energy for cheap. However, I am unsure how safe this is. There have been many failures in nuclear energy facilities. On top of that, minding Uranium can be really dangerous. Although, I might be feeling uneasy about this topic because of its association with nuclear bombs and what happened during the experimental phase of nuclear energy. However, nuclear energy is relatively safe. The radiation from it isn’t as harmful as the pollution caused by pollution. It requires little space to supply a large amount of energy. At the same time, the waste from nuclear energy is highly regulated, and it is kept deep in the ground whereas coal or gasoline releases its waste in the air. Since the technology to make nuclear energy is advancing, it is becoming a lot safer so it will rarely cause any major issues. On the other hand, energy like gasoline can cause major damage to the environment like the one that recently happened in California. Either way, I don’t want us to switch from one form of non-renewable energy to another because this might not last forever but this is a good temporary solution to our climate emergency.

Summer of “FUN” with Fox News

It is an understatement when I say I don’t like Fox News. Donald love Fox News, and it’s not a surprise if you look at the Media Bias chart. Fox News has 14.6

 on the bias chart and 35.92 reliability. This news outlet is further right wing in comparison to the New York Time, which I read daily. In 2016, Fox News switch it slogan from ” Fair and Balanced” to “Most Watched, Most Trusted.” This slogan perfectly describe the company as you’ll see later. (Note that in 2016, Trump become elected president). Over the pandemic, I went to live in Florida, to get away from the energetic NYC. Every location I went to, they would put on Fox News, at the nail Solon or the doctor office, you name it. Being an easily bored person that I am, I watched it. And I am disappointed. One of the first news I saw was about covid out break. I don’t fully recall what they said but they used the term “wuhan virus,” the same phrase Mr. Donald the Duck have been using to further the blame of the outbreak on Asian. So I decided to write a passive aggressive email to them. Let just say the email is more aggressive than passive. Their respond was “We do apologize if this has negatively affected your experience. It is never our intention to bother any of our viewers.” I might be bad at reading, but I don’t think their apology is sincere considering the fact that the week after, the same thing happen. They used the term “wuhan virus.” So I emailed them again. This time they took longer to respond…As in they ignored me which I am n

ot surprise about. The term “wuhan virus” is mostly used by Donald, then Fox News uses it, and that made it a popular racist statement.

As I mentioned earlier, a lot of place in Florida put on Fox News on their TV in the waiting room. And me, a person who like to talk to stranger, walked up to a few Florida resident and ask them a few questions about the current events. We talked about the vaccine, the pandemic, and most importantly Mr. Make American great again. I has the chance to talk with this lady at a nail salon, she is a Florida resident for 40 years, and have kids living in upstate NY. She said her daughter is a doctor and her daughter co worker said not to get the vaccine. She didn’t explain to me why her daughter coworker said not to get vaccinated but whatever the reason is, she bought it. She also mentioned stuff stuff about the vaccine being unsafe, maybe not fully tested. Which is reasonable to have doubt about it, but what I notice most is that Fox News said something similar a few

minutes earlier on the TV in the salon. For disclaimer, this woman seem to be highly educated, very polite, and reasonable. Then there is this asian man who I met at a coffee shop. We got into a heated ‘discussion’ about Donald. He said a lot of question able things and one of them is, ‘Trump is not racist because he create jobs for everyone including black people.’ I did not argue with him much because I was in a public setting, surrounded by angry white republicans. The common theme in all these encounter is that Fox News, being so right wing, and so popular in states such as Florida, really shape the way people think. The things that people says sound like a copy and paste from Fox News.

I think it is irresponsible for news outlet with over 133 millions viewers to uses such language. The one good thing about this experience is that I now have a better understanding of why people think a certain way, it all go back to where they get their information.

(A screenshot from Fox News to my passive aggressive email is attached)

What good is being neutral?

Car is an important aspect for our society, it allow us to advance rapidly in the way it did. It provide the transportation, allowing people to live in suburban area, travel, and go shopping or other place that they desire. I don’t want to give up this car privilege and I don’t think people need to do so to cut down the use of fossil fuel. There are alternate sources of energy, many of which don’t produce green house gas. At the same time, the efficiency of a car is important because the amount we drive doesn’t change. The only thing that change is the amount we use. New cars that are more efficiency, are coming out, some of them are slowly becoming more affordable. Yes there are people who can’t afford an alternate fuel car or more efficient car but there are plans and other resources that allow them to buy or trade their car for one. Although, I believe that the government need to do more to help with this issues. The cost of investing in a more efficient car and alternate fuel is a good investment for the future and the bank account of car holder. I have no doubt that in the next few years, the gas price will go up. People who can’t accord to change their car now will have to do it eventually. There is no pro in staying neutral other than resisting a change that benefit everyone.

Stop exaggerating about climate change (Letter #2 rewrite)

I am commenting on a column that appears on your website on June 17 by Gene Lyons: “America gains nothing from denying global warming.” 

In his criticism of President Trump’s decision to get out of the Paris Agreement, Gene Lyons dismisses the coal industry as “dirty” and describes the unemployment of coal miners as inevitable by concluding: “it’s going to happen anyway.” This claim is beyond exaggerating because, despite the controversy on coal, it is still a desirable and predictable form of fuel, therefore, it is unlikely for coal miners to be unemployed. Furthermore, Lyons’ went on to inaccurately demonize the coal industry despite the latest statistics from the Department of Labor released in May recorded an increase in mining jobs by a whopping 44,000 since last October, showing that mining is once again thriving in America. Lyon’s claim about coal miners inevitably becoming unemployed is clearly false. There is a rising trend in coal mining employment, which further suggests the rising in coal demand. 

Despite the controversy on coal, we can’t deny that clean coal provides an affordable and abundant supply of electricity to many homes and businesses. It is estimated that over “one-third of global electricity is supplied by coal.” So it is irresponsible to falsely make exaggerated claims about climate change to try and close down the industry that allows one-third of global business to thrive.

Tom Harris, Executive Director Internation Climate Science Coalition, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Further edited by Sonyta Bun

Not even noon yet

It’s not noon yet but I feel like today is a “surprising” day. I actually woke up early to do extra reading. Which is good. Although I don’t think that will happen very often. Then my roommate lost her key, so we had to look for that. Then my math teacher end class early so I was able to grab lunch quickly. I’ve never seen the dining hall so empty.

It is only noon so I’m sure other stuff will happen today, and I really hope one of the things that happen later today is we find the key because I really really don’t want to replace the keys.