Car is an important aspect for our society, it allow us to advance rapidly in the way it did. It provide the transportation, allowing people to live in suburban area, travel, and go shopping or other place that they desire. I don’t want to give up this car privilege and I don’t think people need to do so to cut down the use of fossil fuel. There are alternate sources of energy, many of which don’t produce green house gas. At the same time, the efficiency of a car is important because the amount we drive doesn’t change. The only thing that change is the amount we use. New cars that are more efficiency, are coming out, some of them are slowly becoming more affordable. Yes there are people who can’t afford an alternate fuel car or more efficient car but there are plans and other resources that allow them to buy or trade their car for one. Although, I believe that the government need to do more to help with this issues. The cost of investing in a more efficient car and alternate fuel is a good investment for the future and the bank account of car holder. I have no doubt that in the next few years, the gas price will go up. People who can’t accord to change their car now will have to do it eventually. There is no pro in staying neutral other than resisting a change that benefit everyone.