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Something that caught my eye about COP26 was the major protest in Glasgow. I think this is a message from the younger generations that this summit better have an impact. If serious change is not promised then I think these protests will spread to many of the developed nations. Additionally, I thought President Obama’s thoughts on China and Russias disregard for climate change was something that needed to be said. He also challenged the Republican party on climate denial. What Obama said that was the most impactful was his call to the young generations to “stay angry” with the current climate policy, and to press for change.

Nuclear Energy

My knowledge about nuclear energy is not extensive by any means. However, in today’s world, we are stuck between choosing nuclear or carbon-heavy fossil fules. I know that there are risks that go with nuclear energy, but it can also be an affordable way to make green energy happen quick. The consequences of not switching to nuclear far outweigh the risk. In my opinion, it is vital that we use nuclear energy so that the transition to carbon-free energy happens fast.

Media Bias

The “news” source I chose for this post was InfoWars. The main reason being that I find Alex Jones to be really funny and entertaining. Alex Jones is a controversial political commentator who got canceled. Once he was banned off youtube he turned to make his own news site InfoWars. The media bias chart plots InfoWars as hyper-partisan right with inaccurate/fabricated information. This does not surprise me as Alex Jones was canceled for being a parkland “denier”. Alex Jones is an entertainer who specializes in politics. His “news” is more captivating than it is factual.

Car/Gasoline Usage

The decision to take the neutral side in this discussion was a hard one to make. While I know that driving excessively is bad for the environment it’s one of my favorite things to do. I couldn’t support using more gas and cars because the consequences of adding more pollution is a nightmare for me. While on the other hand, I can’t support a radical slash in usage because I love to drive manual for fun. I am also a creature of habit and any change in either direction seems scary to me. I love the modern convenience of driving and personally am not ready to give that up.  Meanwhile, I am not advocating for the repeal of emissions laws on new vehicles.  Total emissions need to come down and change needs to happen I just don’t think that limiting gasoline is the best way to accomplish this because it would affect small towns the hardest.

Letter set #1 Improved letter

It is so easy to blow off health care reform if you are healthy. But, for people with chronic conditions, every day is a fight for life.  Millions of Americans suffer from chronic illnesses. Odds are, one day someone in your family will suffer from one too. Do you want them to have health insurance?

I have applied for long-term health care insurance five times and been denied five times. That means if I fall over tomorrow mourning and need an ambulance, I will have to pay for it all.  The ambulance alone runs a bill of at least $1000. Then Once I’m admitted I will have to pay for everything that happens. Every test, scan, and conversation. Do you want your relatives to suffer the same fate because you’re too lazy to care about healthcare reform?

How can the “best country on earth” not afford healthcare to people with pre-existing conditions.  People like me in Canada go for care and don’t pay a dime.

Someone that lives a life like mine knows the pain of wondering if they will have enough money for the next hospital visit. Do you want their children to be stuck with massive healthcare debt because their parents had ALS?

Pennsylvania, I know how crazy life can be. But please think about me, your family, and others like me before you forget about health care reform. This reform will make it so the insurance company can’t turn me and others like me down.  Every day that the reform doesn’t happen I lose a little more strength and a little more hope.