It is so easy to blow off health care reform if you are healthy. But, for people with chronic conditions, every day is a fight for life.  Millions of Americans suffer from chronic illnesses. Odds are, one day someone in your family will suffer from one too. Do you want them to have health insurance?

I have applied for long-term health care insurance five times and been denied five times. That means if I fall over tomorrow mourning and need an ambulance, I will have to pay for it all.  The ambulance alone runs a bill of at least $1000. Then Once I’m admitted I will have to pay for everything that happens. Every test, scan, and conversation. Do you want your relatives to suffer the same fate because you’re too lazy to care about healthcare reform?

How can the “best country on earth” not afford healthcare to people with pre-existing conditions.  People like me in Canada go for care and don’t pay a dime.

Someone that lives a life like mine knows the pain of wondering if they will have enough money for the next hospital visit. Do you want their children to be stuck with massive healthcare debt because their parents had ALS?

Pennsylvania, I know how crazy life can be. But please think about me, your family, and others like me before you forget about health care reform. This reform will make it so the insurance company can’t turn me and others like me down.  Every day that the reform doesn’t happen I lose a little more strength and a little more hope.