Moving forward with the newly proposed green energy policies is not a good idea. The entire world is still dependant on oil and natural gas, and it would be inefficient to switch to a more expensive form of energy. For example, solar energy can cost the US household around 19 cents per kWh more than gas or oil. Not to mention the vast amount of land solar farms need to even produce this amount of energy. Currently, only around thirteen percent of U.S. energy consumed was from “renewable sources.” The sheer amount of infrastructure needed to create a 100% renewable energy economy would bankrupt the recovering U.S. economy strapped with huge budget deficits and 28 trillion dollars in debt. Additionally, climate scientists frequently point to the fact that deregulation will lead to an increase in emissions. However, due to the previous administrations’ deregulation of domestic energy production, natural gas was increasingly becoming a larger and larger proportion of energy consumed, saving the US about 705 Million Metric Tons of C02 emissions during 2019-2020. Investment in alternative energy sources is good, and a gradual and affordable transition to green energy makes sense. But, a massive economic overhaul in favor of green energy in the current U.S. economic climate would be inefficient.