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The thing that is most interesting to me about COP26 is the agreement that is still trying to be reached. The agreement calls to end the use of coal and other fossil fuels. Nothing has been agreed upon yet but as the final hours of the summit near hopefully a compromise can be made to help lower co2 emissions.

Nuclear Energy

I am very uneducated when it comes to Nuclear Energy. All I really know about it is the damages that were caused in Chernobyl. I am pretty neutral when it comes to the topic I don’t have real firm beliefs for either side. I just worry about taking nuclear to a large scale when the repercussions if something were to go wrong are so high.

Gasoline Reduction

I believe that the reduction of our use of gasoline is necessary because of the damages gasoline causes the environment. We discussed in class some of the things that are released from the burning of gasoline and none of it is good for the earth. We decided as a group that moving to electric is the best way to cut down on the use of gasoline.  The main reason I think we need to cut down on gasoline consumption is because of the environmental effects. Also to be clear cutting out gasoline completely would be great but is no where near feasible right now.  Simple reduction of gasoline use could help lower the amount of gas we burn as a country. Next time you are about to get in your car, think to yourself “Do I really need to drive right now, I mean how bad could the walk be?”

Letter set #3 rewrite

Pushing the liberal agenda is what is wrong with society. Oil is a necessity that the entire world depends on, without it our economy would start to crumble. The use of clean energy is beneficial for everyone and needs to be on the forefront of  research and development in our country.  Although wind and solar energy is expensive through more development it could be made cheaper so even the poor could afford it. The idea of taxing the middle class is worthless because it will end up just leading to more poverty within communities. Another liberal ideal that is detrimental to our country is the banishment of firearms. In a survey of Prison inmates it was found that 93% of the firearms were obtained through another source then a person purchasing it legally. This means even if the sale of guns were completely banned criminals would still be able to get their hands on weapons. The final talking point of the liberal agenda that I will go over is the idea of defunding the police. Taking away the polices money and power will only sky rocket the amount of crime committed in the streets. Crime won’t go down without police because cops aren’t the reason people steal, rape, and murder. There are just sick people in the world who don’t care about the difference between right or wrong. Liberals need to understand that through their crooked agenda they will only worsen the issues at hand.

-“Billium Pattonson, Bakersfield Town”

Todays Activities

This morning the lacrosse team and I attended the 9/11 service done by the ROTC members on campus, it was very well done and we all really enjoyed it. After that I had an 8 AM lift with the team, and because we were at the service the lift ran late so I was a couple of minutes late to my 9:30 class.