Pushing the liberal agenda is what is wrong with society. Oil is a necessity that the entire world depends on, without it our economy would start to crumble. The use of clean energy is beneficial for everyone and needs to be on the forefront of  research and development in our country.  Although wind and solar energy is expensive through more development it could be made cheaper so even the poor could afford it. The idea of taxing the middle class is worthless because it will end up just leading to more poverty within communities. Another liberal ideal that is detrimental to our country is the banishment of firearms. In a survey of Prison inmates it was found that 93% of the firearms were obtained through another source then a person purchasing it legally. This means even if the sale of guns were completely banned criminals would still be able to get their hands on weapons. The final talking point of the liberal agenda that I will go over is the idea of defunding the police. Taking away the polices money and power will only sky rocket the amount of crime committed in the streets. Crime won’t go down without police because cops aren’t the reason people steal, rape, and murder. There are just sick people in the world who don’t care about the difference between right or wrong. Liberals need to understand that through their crooked agenda they will only worsen the issues at hand.

-“Billium Pattonson, Bakersfield Town”