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Nicoletta Marini-Maio is Professor of Italian and Film Studies, and Chair at Dickinson College.

She is interested in 20th and 21st century Italian film, theater, and culture, particularly in the intersections between politics, gender, cultural representations, popular culture, the narrative mode, and collective memory. Her most recent book is A Very Seductive Body Politic: Silvio Berlusconi in Cinema, a monograph on the cinematic representations of the notorious Italian politician.  She is completing a monograph on left-wing terrorism in Italian film and theater. Her research project was granted the Penn Humanities Forum Andrew W. Mellon Regional Faculty Fellowship on the theme “Violence” for the year 2013–2014.

Marini-Maio is the founding Editor of the peer-reviewed academic journal gender/sexuality/italy , which publishes articles in English and Italian, and co-founder of the research group Culture and Politics of Gender. She is currently working on the constructions of femininity and masculinity with regards to power gender relations, patriarchy, and sexuality through the analysis of the Decamerotici, a series of Italian films produced in the 1970s and inspired by Boccaccio’s Decameron. In addition, she is conducting research on “Le Winx,” an international comic strip and video series for young girls created in Italy and broadcast worldwide. Her book, co-authored with Ellen Nerenberg, Winxologia: Educare la futura consumista is forthcoming from Rubbettino, Italy.

She co-edited a critical translation of Corpo di stato, by the Italian playwright Marco Baliani. She has published articles on Italian cinema and theater, Italian teaching pedagogy, and technology-enhanced language learning. In this areas, she has also co-edited two scholarly volumes: Set the Stage! Teaching Italian through Theater and Dramatic Interactions: Teaching the Foreign Language, Culture, and Literature through Theater.

She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Perugia and the University of Rome (Italy), and earned a Ph.D. in Italian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

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