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gender/sexuality/italy (g/s/i) is an online annual, peer-reviewed journal that publishes research on gendered identities and the ways they intersect with and produce Italian politics, culture, and society by way of a variety of cultural productions, discourses, and practices spanning historical, social, and geopolitical boundaries. g/s/i seeks contributions that investigate constructions of femininity and masculinity as well as configurations of sexual orientation and critiques of hetero-normativity in Italian culture from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. g/s/i welcomes postfeminist discussions of the historical and political contexts of feminism and sexual difference as conditioned by postcolonialism, postmodernism, and the commodification of culture and politics in their effects on daily life. Given the scope of its interests, the journal embraces a variety of disciplinary perspectives including but not limited to the inter-related fields of Italian studies, gender studies, film and media studies, performance studies, LGBT and queer studies, history, sociology, visual culture, animal studies, history of science, among others.

A Very Seductive Body Politic: Silvio Berlusconi in Cinema
Mimesis International – Italian Frame series

This volume maps the narratives created in cinema on and around Silvio Berlusconi as a means of exploring the age of Berlusconismo. The book delineates a comprehensive cinematic corpus and focuses on a selection of narrative and documentary films, from the proto-Berlusconi everyman of La più bella serata della mia vita (The Most Wonderful Evening of My Life, 1972) by Ettore Scola, to the Berlusconi pretext for political self-reflection of Arance e martello (Oranges and Hammer, 2014) by Diego Bianchi.
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Body of State: The Moro Affair, A Nation Divided
The Fairleigh Dickinson University Press Series in Italian Studies

Body of State offers a translation of Marco Baliani’s acclaimed dramatic monologue, Corpo di stato, concerning the 1978 kidnapping and assassination of Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro by the terrorist Red Brigades. Corpo di stato was commissioned by Italian state television in 1998 to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the “Moro Affair.”  Co-translated and co-edited with Ellen Nerenberg and Thomas Simpson.
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Set the Stage! Teaching Italian through Theater
Yale University Press

Set the Stage! is a collection of essays on teaching Italian language, literature, and culture through theater. From theoretical background to course models, this book provides all the resources that teachers and students need to incorporate the rich and abundant Italian theater tradition into the curriculum. Co-edited with Colleen Ryan.
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Dramatic Interactions: Teaching Languages, Literatures, and Cultures through Theatre
Cambridge Scholars Publishers

Dramatic Interactions is a collection of essays on the flourishing and interdisciplinary subject of teaching foreign languages, literatures, and cultures through theater. With rich examples from a variety of commonly and less commonly taught languages, this book affirms both the relevance and effectiveness of using theater for foreign language learning in the most comprehensive sense of the term. It includes innovative approaches to specific theatrical texts and addresses numerous aspects of foreign language learning. Co-edited with Colleen Ryan.
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