Carlisle Indian School

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In the early stages of American history and settler-colonization times, Native Americans were often relocated, forced to assimilate to Anglo-Saxon culture, or even murdered at times. An example of Native American assimilation is the Carlisle Indian School, which featured a school newspaper, called the “Civilization of the Indians,” that would include articles on students who have been recently Americanized and transformed to be more like the Anglo-Saxon Race. Even though these students at the Carlisle Indian School were stripped of their culture and everything they knew, it was a better outcome than many other American Indians received. The founder of the Carlisle Indian School, General Richard Henry Pratt, and those who helped run the school had a mission to save American Indians and offer them an education that would Americanize them. To this day, Native Americans are still affected by their mistreatment received at this time and can never truly regain their culture and history.

Eadle Keahtah Toh Newspaper (Vol. 1, No. 2)