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The theme of this museum exhibit is American exceptionalism. The entire time frame of research and events that play a role in this project is within the range of 1877,… Read more »

Carlisle Indian School

In the early stages of American history and settler-colonization times, Native Americans were often relocated, forced to assimilate to Anglo-Saxon culture, or even murdered at times. An example of Native… Read more »

“Duck and Cover” Film

This short film, “Duck and Cover” was published in 1951 and sponsored by the U.S. Federal Civil Defense Administration. The film includes a set of safety precautions and guidelines for… Read more »


Primary Sources Pollock, William. “Eadle Keahtah Toh.” Carlisle Barracks (Carlisle), April 1880, Volume 1 ed., Number 2 sec. p. 1 Roosevelt, Theodore. “On American Motherhood.” Speech, Washington D.C.  March 13,… Read more »