“Duck and Cover” Film

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This short film, “Duck and Cover” was published in 1951 and sponsored by the U.S. Federal Civil Defense Administration. The film includes a set of safety precautions and guidelines for children so they are prepared and informed on how to act in response to an Atomic bomb attack. The reason a film of this nature was necessary in 1951 is because the U.S. was in the midst of the Cold War, which was essentially a state of geopolitical hostility between the United States and the USSR. Although the state of the U.S. was scared throughout the Cold War, there was also a sense of patriotism and pride that was prevalent at this time. The act of containing communism was a nation-wide effort that boosted national pride and confidence. Just as Americans felt united and superior prior to World War 2, their competition with Russia during the Cold War was a time when national pride was key, and the Americans embraced that challenge as they felt exceptional and superior over Russia.