African American Support in office

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This newspaper article featured in The Florida News shows the two different sides on the candidates for the election for the governing spot in Alabama. One candidate was George Wallace; a far-right, Southern conservative who had racist intentions, and the other candidate was Albert Brewer, a Southern Democrat who appealed to African Americans and would have offered hope in their strides for freedom. The Alabama Democratic Conference Chairman, Joe Reed, stated: “We can take the ballot and make politicians in Alabama behave again.” Reed, who is an African American, was calling out George Wallace for his poor behavior in an authoritative position and was emphasizing that all African Americans need to vote for Brewer for a change. Unfortunately, Wallace won the election but it wasn’t long before Brewer won the next one and made an immediate impact in many African American’s lives in the state of Alabama. Brewer eventually being elected is another example of progress being made in America just like the progress shown from the image of Eisenhower and the African American Civil Rights leaders. National exceptionalism is in effect when one country succeeds at differentiating themselves from other countries and Brewer helping African Americans become a more integral part of society is an example of that.

The Florida News