The Cold War

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is this tomorrow

“Is This Tomorrow?” was a comic book cover that was published by Catechetical Guild Educational Society. The comic was published in 1947 and released in St. Paul, Minnesota. The intended audience of this source were children because it was originally released as a fifty-two paged comic book. The intended purpose was to warn children of the threat of communism taking over the world by a cautionary tale that describes how communist leaders will take over America. The comic depicts Americans pitted against each other which causes constant chaos in the streets. The comic book cover shows an American flag burning while Soviet soldiers kill Americans. The main purpose of this primary source was to educate the youth on the dangers that communism brings and to scare them into thinking communism is rooted from pure evil. 


This poster was created by Dr. Fred Schwarz in 1956 and was published by the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade, which was founded by Dr. Schwarz. The poster was printed during the peak of McCarthyism in the United States. Due to the fact this poster was published during the height of McCarthyism, the goal of this poster was to reenforce the idea of communism being in our government. The poster highlights an arm with the soviet hammer and sickle tattoo breaking America by stabbing a knife into it. The purpose of having America being stabbed is to show that communism is in our government and it will destroy the country by stabbing it in the back. Dr. Schwarz’s poster is meant to target fearful Americans because of the paranoia and political climate in America during McCarthyism. Another thing to take note of is Cuba not being colored in because they have already fallen to communism.