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This museum exhibition will look at the use of propaganda in the media as a persuasion technique to either encourage or discourage the war effort throughout the 20th century. In… Read more »

World War I

I Want You for U.S. Army : Nearest Recruiting Station was World War I propaganda recruitment poster created by James Montgomery Flagg, who was regarded for his political posters. I… Read more »

World War II

“We Can Do it!” was a propaganda poster created by J. Howard Miller who was a prominent American graphic designer. Westinghouse War Production Coordinating Committee published “We Can Do It!”… Read more »

The Cold War

“Is This Tomorrow?” was a comic book cover that was published by Catechetical Guild Educational Society. The comic was published in 1947 and released in St. Paul, Minnesota. The intended… Read more »

Vietnam War

“Fuck The Draft” was created by famous anti-war activist Kiyoshi Kuromiya. Kuromiya created this poster in 1968 under the pseudonym Dirty Linen Corp and distributed it by mail. The intended… Read more »


Primary Sources Producer: Disney Walt, Director: Geronimi Clyde, Writer: Ziemer Gregor. Education for Death: The Making of the Nazi. RKO Radio Production. January 15, 1943. Catechetical Guild Educational Society. “Is… Read more »