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International Factors’ Effect on the UN SDGs

For this blog post, I listened to the podcasts on Singapore and Botswana. While Botswana and Singapore are both located in the Global South, they are on different continents and thus interact with some different international organizations. In the example… Continue Reading →

Who’s Right about Globalization? Liberal vs. Critical Perspectives

The liberal and critical perspectives’ views of globalization differ quite radically. The liberal view of globalization is that of increasing interdependence and the ways in which countries are interdependent, also known as complex interdependence. Furthermore, the liberal perspective also believes… Continue Reading →

The Problem with the Plural “Other”

As someone who was born and raised in New York City, I believe two groups primarily stand out as plural “others”: for most of my life, New York’s homeless population, and more recently, the migrant population. As a child, I… Continue Reading →

Reflections on an Inter-Continental Conversation

I grew up in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, at the center of New York City. My childhood was colored by subway rides, loud neighborhood bars, and cultural excursions with my mother on the weekends. This week I was… Continue Reading →

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