Intro to camping 9/12

We will be leaving on Friday night at 5:30pm from Kaufman. We will return on Saturday around noon.

We will be climbing and hiking, so bring your climbing shoes or hiking boots!

You will receive more details later this week.

We will provide tent and food, bring personal gear.

In your post please leave your phone number, dietary restriction and if you need any gear (sleeping pad or sleeping bag).

If you have questions please call or email Will Kochtitzky. 615-594-5114 or

We have 15 spots available for this trip.

14 thoughts on “Intro to camping 9/12

  1. 510-221-9204
    No dietary restrictions.
    I need a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad. Please.

  2. I have a sleeping bag. If I could get a sleeping pad that’d be great.
    I’m also a lact-tard and a vegetarian.

    I just sent in my driver certification, but I was having trouble with the form, so I’ll swing by DPS tomorrow to figure the rest out.

  3. Phone number: 216-704-5988
    I’ll need a sleeping bag and sleeping pad please. And no dietary restrictions.

  4. 443-814-5158
    I don’t need any gear (I have a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad).
    No dietary restrictions.

  5. 207-408-4645
    No dietary restrictions
    I have a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad

    Also I may be van certified by tomorrow, although I am unsure.

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