11/23 Caving

We will be going to Mcallister caverns about an hour from here. This cave is a first time visit for outing club and is super awesome. It is technical with a number of great pinches and squeezes but also has some 80ft domes. We will be gone from about 11 until after dinner. We will eat out. 
Please make sure to have a headlamp
Warm caving clothes that can get dirty. 
Change of clothes
Extra shoes
Kenze will be leading with jack as the co leader. 
Email us with questions
Let’s get underground!

5 thoughts on “11/23 Caving

  1. Im in yaaaaallll
    also ps im pretty sure the head lamp from last time may have been left in one of the cars (if we can’t find it ill pay for it that was completely my fault I am sorry)

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