1/24 or 25 XC Ski and Snow Shoe

Due to the wintery weather we are going to play in the snow!

Stay patient with us on this trip because it will be entirely weather dependent. We will either go skiing on Saturday afternoon and/or Sunday morning, depending on the weather.

DCOC has four pairs of snowshoes for students to barrow. You are welcome to bring your own XC skis.

We will be going to King’s Gap to recreate. If you sign up for this trip, you will have to be vigilant about checking your email, we will keep you as updated as possible about when we will leave. We will do our best to let you know our departure time at least 4 hours before we leave.

Please post with your phone number. We have 3 spots for this trip.

4 thoughts on “1/24 or 25 XC Ski and Snow Shoe

  1. I’d be down! Keep me posted! I have warm-weather gear but no skis or snowshoes. (208) 409-4761.

  2. I’m not sure if we’re still planning on going but I dont think I can go anymore. Hopefully next time though

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