Language Exchange Program in Russian

For the first time, Russian 116 students took part in a language exchange program in the Arthur Vining Davis Language Classroom.Students were able to speak with Russian native speakers over Skype. Facilitated by Todd Briant, Dickinson’s Instructional Media Services (IMS) liaison for the foreign languages, students from the Russian Department asked questions about life in Russia, popular hobbies, and about Vladimir Putin.



Флоренс: I enjoyed the Skype session. It was good to be able to practice my Russian with a native speaker. I definitely realized how much I still have to learn, that is for sure.


Уилл: Speaking with the Russian students really helped me work on my accent.


 Таня: Speaking with native speakers on Skype is a wonderful opportunity to improve one’s speaking abilities.


Андрей: Skyping with a native speaking Russian, who barely speaks English, got me out my comfort zone. This helped because it forced me to have a conversation in Russian only. This is a great way to learn Russian!


Билли: Мне понравилось говорить по-русски с Людой из России потому что я люблю понимать русскую культуру.


Дэвид: Skyping was really cool. I learned a lot. I got to talk to a really nice guy who was very interesting.


 Саша: I really enjoyed speaking Russian with a native – the opportunity had me thinking in Russian in a way I had not before. I had to be on my toes, trying to communicate what I wanted to say.


Тревис: Мне понравилось, что моя собеседница сказала, что у меня хорошее русское произношение. Но она говорила по-английски лучше, чем я по-русски.


 Лия: Мне понравилось говорить по скайпу, потому что я люблю говорить о России с людьми, которые говорят по-русски.


 Катя: Когда я говорила по-русски с русским человеком, я научилась многому о русском языке.


Лорен: Мне было весело говорить по-русски с носителем языка. Я познакомилась с интересным человеком.

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