Dickinsonians Participate in Community Events

Laura Hechtlinger ’12, who is at Dickinson right now but she spent her Fall semester at RGGU, said “Dickinson has always helped foster my interest in Russian as well as my interest in rock climbing. While abroad in Moscow, I have been able to take both these interests further. Last month I participated in a climbing festival which was a great experience. It was really interesting to see the way climbing transcends various cultural and language boundaries. Despite being in a completely different country, the atmosphere at the climbing festival was just like that at any similar event in the United states; high energy and a strong sense of camaraderie. Some things, such at the format were slightly different, but it was great to be exposed to these new ideas. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned about the climbing community here in Moscow with others once I return to campus” Laura Hechtlinger ‘12

Olivia Stevens’ 12 took part in several flash-mobs in Moscow. In the beginning of April hundreds of young people gathered on the Old Arbat, in order to participate in a soap bubble parade. The yearly gathering celebrates spring with strange costumes, wild make up, bycycles, music and hugs for passers by. Olivia says “It’s a lovely way to celebrate the end of the cold gray dark Moscow winter and play like crazy children”

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