Talent Show

On Dec. 1, about 30 students and faculty attended the Russian Department Talent Show. Talents included:

Caitlin Moriarty: violin, С.В. Рахманинов, “Vocalise”
Laura Hechtlinger and Michael Hoke: original video, study abroad in Moscow
Sasha Kozhevnikova: original poem, “Untitled”
Andrei Vernon: Николай Басков, «Ты далеко»
RUSS 116: original play by Tim Portice, performed by RUSS 116, “Убийство Троцкого,” stage design by Shawn Gessay
Mark Cramer (with David Cochrane on piano): original adaptation of Юлия Савичева, «Высоко (не забывай)»
Paul Bouvet and Rameen Shayegan: original guitar rendition of «Очи чёрные»
Kirsten Brents: original song, “100-level Russian Theme Song”
Olivia Stevens: acoustic performance of Гражданская оборона, «Кайф или больше»
RUSS 101: «Если у вас нет тёти»

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