Talent Show 2012

On December 6, Russian students of all levels performed in the annual Russian Department Talent Show. They recited poetry, sang songs from classic films, and wrote and performed skits. Two students currently studying abroad on the Dickinson-in-Moscow program emailed a video of an original song that they had written and performed about life in Moscow in winter. Russian 101 student Barrett Ziegler ‘16 (Russian 101) wrote an original poem, “Love,” which he then translated into Russian and read at the event. Advanced Russian students Abby Preston ‘16 and Sasha Shapiro ‘15 performed a skit that incorporated well-known Russian anecdotes about life in the Soviet Union. Among the Russian Department’s many talented musicians are Caroline Elkin ‘15, Sam Drabkin ‘16, and Caitlin Moriarty ‘13, who performed pieces by Petr Tchaikovsky and others on the oboe, the cello, and the violin, respectively.

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