Where are they now?: Nealy Harnsberger ’12

Nealy Harnsberger graduated with a double major in Russian and Spanish in December 2012. During her junior year, she spent a semester in Washington D.C. as an intern for the Open World Project, where she used her Russian skills daily working with delegates from former Soviet Republics, including Georgia and Ukraine.

After leaving Dickinson, Nealy accepted a job at J.P. Morgan as a global markets analyst in Delaware. She currently serves as a backup for Latin America clients where she is regularly able to utilize her Spanish language skills. Though Nealy did not major in International Business & Management, she took several courses in accounting and Business Spanish during her final year at Dickinson and also taught herself much of the material she would go on to use at her job.

Nealy described her job as follows: “I perform advanced customer on boarding by consulting with businesses and customers. I coordinate, interpret and analyze non standard incoming documents. I complete complex customer requests. I also set up and maintain client and reference data. For my position, I am client facing, and I work with clients in Latin America so I am able to utilize my Spanish. Everything is going really well and I’m really happy to be working here at JPM!”

Nealy Harnsberger'12

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