Our Newest Fulbright: Maureen Marsh ’17

Maureen Marsh ’17 is a Russian major and education minor who was recently awarded the prestigious Fulbright Fellowship to teach English in Bulgaria for the 2017-2018 academic year. Maureen studied abroad in Moscow during the fall of her junior year and also completed a summer program in Russian Area Studies in St. Petersburg. The Fulbright application process is rigorous, involving many rounds of drafts, interviews, and then two rounds of vetting by committee members both in the US and the country to which the student is applying. Dickinson Russian majors have had remarkable Fulbright success; this includes, in recent years, awards to Kazakhstan (2 awards), Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Bulgaria (2 awards), and Russia (multiple awards).

Maureen writes, “The Fulbright application process was highly rigorous and stressful, yet tremendously insightful. The opportunity to teach English in the beautiful country of Bulgaria offered the culmination of putting my education into practice, exploring a place I’ve never been, and making an impact on students’ lives, both in and outside of the classroom.

With regards to the process of putting together her Fulbright proposal, Maureen articulates how “the challenge to convey my goals concisely and authentically was steep. I cannot remember how many re-writes I did, but it was worth every one. Dickinson’s support throughout the process was invaluable. Looking ahead to the the beginning of September, I’m excited about integrating myself into the community in Bulgaria and developing personal connections by creating a volleyball team and exploring the country and its food. I am incredibly grateful to Dickinson for my education and support in being awarded a Fulbright.

Congratulations, Maureen!

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