Roundtable in Moscow

In October 2018, Dickinson-in-Moscow students participated in a roundtable for international students on “The problems of multiculturalism in the modern world,” held at the Russian State University for the Humanities.

Grace Ingle’20, Annie Mothershead’20 and Kira Petukhova’20, together with Russian students, discussed multicultural models in the contemporary USA in their presentations on “Reflecting on American Multiculturalism from Abroad,” “Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter,” and “Cultural Perspectives on Sexuality.”

Annie Mothershead’20 commented: “It was really interesting to hear Russian perspectives on modern American socio-political topics.” Grace Ingle’20 added: “I really appreciated how well-versed the students were, not only in American history, but in applying history to these subjects.” “For us, Dickinson students, it was an invaluable intercultural experience and provided further dimension to our understanding of Russo-American cultural concepts,” said Kira Petukhova’20.

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