Trent Morgan ’21 In Moscow

Trent Morgan 21 is a Russian major currently studying abroad on the Dickinson-in-Moscow program. Having now spent just over a month in Moscow, Trent answered some questions about his initial experiences as a student at the Russian State University for the Humanities.

What has been your favorite abroad experience so far?

It has definitely been getting the chance to interact with other students who are not involved with the Dickinson in Moscow program. I have had the pleasure to become friends with students from Russia, as well as from all over the world. This is an experience that is amplified in the Dickinson in Moscow program because of its small size and emphasis on cultural immersion that many students do not have the opportunity to experience in other abroad programs.


What has been the most unexpected thing about studying abroad?

The most unexpected aspect of study abroad has been how easy it is to assimilate into a different culture. Prior to my arrival I was apprehensive about being in a brand-new environment that is much different than typical American life and education. Contrary to my initial nervousness, the program, the city, the people, and the university have made my adaptation seamless.

What were you most prepared for? What were you least prepared for?

It is difficult to say what I was most prepared for, because everything comes so fast and you need to take it and run. But honestly I was most unprepared for the cold.

What would you say to students who are considering studying in Moscow but might be unsure or nervous?

If you are a student pondering studying in Moscow, I can try to make your life a little easier by saying: do not think about it anymore and just do it. The experience of living and learning in a country so historical and unique such as Russia outweighs all feelings of nervousness and homesickness. The people are friendly and the city is unbelievably easy to navigate as well as safe. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and if you have the chance, take advantage of it.

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