Russian Virtual Tutoring

Even during the fall 2020 virtual semester, the Russian language tutors at Dickinson’s Multilingual Writing Center are hard at work.

Clara Giorgis ’21 (Russian and International Studies) has been “really encouraged by how many Russian students have been coming into the Writing Center. Even though we can’t be in person, it’s been great to meet new Russian students and spend time practicing Russian with fellow students outside of the formal class setting.”

For Elizabeth Price ’22 (Russian and History), her work in the MWC has “helped [her] see how far [she’s] come in these short three years.” Moreover, working with 101 or 201 students has helped her remember difficult grammatical constructions or vocabulary she doesn’t often use in her current classes.

Elizabeth writes: “One of my biggest challenges was trying to apply some of my strategies as an English Writing Tutor to my work now as a Russian Writing Tutor. … I had to re-learn how far to push the students in the sessions and also when to step back and let the writer guide the session. One of my biggest successes I think is the rapport I’ve built with a few students I see regularly in the Writing Center. We go through their writing or homework, but then we have some time to decompress after a long week. I’ve really missed making those connections on campus and I’m very lucky to have this outlet to still experience some of that.”

Thank you to our four wonderful MWC tutors (left to right) for their hard work this semester: Marec Marhoul, Clara Giorgis, Elizabeth Price, and Katya Egorova.

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