Russian Department joins Dickinson’s Virtual Global Adventures Program

By Clara Giorgis ‘21

Looking for an adventure this spring?  Then look no further than Dickinson’s Virtual Global Adventures Program!  The Russian Department is proud to be working alongside faculty from Dickinson’s many other global programs to present a series of courses designed to help alumni, parents, students, and all Dickinsonians travel the world – all from the comfort of their own homes.  Professor Elena Duzs will be presenting on “The Palace of the Soviets: A Grandiose Utopian Projects” on February 17th, as part of the series on “Art and Literature from Around the World.”  For those interested in cuisine, Professor Alyssa DeBlasio will be leading “Russian Food and Culture: From Fermentation to Organic Gardening” on March 10th.  Or if you’re wondering about how technology has transformed Moscow, you can find out all about it from Professor Irina Filippova on April 7th in her course “Moscow: From Soviet City to the Global ‘Smart One.’”

If you’re interested in joining in, information about the other programs offered as well how to sign up can be found here.

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