Media Effects of Reputation Management in the MENA

Today I will be focusing on how media effects reputation management in the Middle East and North Africa. Reputation management is a vehicle that countries in the Middle East and North Africa use to distract the public from the atrocities that the government is committing on their citizens. The effects of media have on reputation management is very important in how those atrocities get swept under the rug. For starters, advertising plays a massive role in reputation management. Looking at an article from Sports, Ethics and Philosophy, the author discusses how if one were to search up Qatar, the whole first page of their search would be about the World Cup being held there later this fall, and not the humans rights violations that are taking place. This is could be seen as framing, since the media is showing only the good parts like the World Cup and leaving out the bad parts such as the human rights violations. This could also be viewed as advertising, where Qatar is pushing a lot of advertisement for the World Cup, so that it takes up the headlines and pushes off the human rights violations news. This is the media is effecting reputation management in the Middle East and North Africa, by allowing sports to cover up atrocities.

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