FIFA World Cup drawling to Qatar was paid off??

Although this article is outdated, I looked at an article from The Guardian, about how allegedly, the football organization FIFA was paid off by Qatar’s news station Al-Jazeera. According to the article, In 2010 when the voting for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups were being held, if Qatar received the bid in 2022, Al-Jazeera would pay FIFA one hundred million dollars. If Al-Jazeera did not agree to pay one hundred million to FIFA, there would be concerns of financial short fallings within the government so Al-Jazeera had to step in so Qatar could host.

What I learned from this article:

Seeing as this an old article, there has long been speculation that FIFA was paid off for Qatar to host the World Cup. However, I did not know Al-Jazeera played a big role in the collusion. I also did not know that if Qatar were to host the World Cup without Al-Jazeera’s one hundred million contribution, the country would be financially unstable. It makes sense that Al-Jazeera stepped in and offered to pay FIFA seeing as Al-Jazeera is run by the Qatar Royal Family. It is awfully suspicious that they are hosting the World Cup when it has to be pushed back to November due to the climate, and without Al-Jazeera it could not financially support the World Cup. I know this article is not direct reputation management, but it does lead to a lot of reputation management with the all the news surrounding the World Cup blocking out the news about the human rights travesties happening.

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