Regime Change

If my country were to go through a regime, I would go through several different forms of media to find out what is going on. First I would start by looking at social media, using apps such as twitter and instagram, to get the instant facts about what is happening. Next I would turn to the national news, such as CNN or Fox News, to get the long story, looking at why there is a regime change, who is taking over, and what is going to happen moving forward. I believe this would be able to get me all the information I need in an efficient manor.

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BBC Radio World Service

In a country the practices reputation management, such as Qatar, the situation would be much different. If there was a sudden regime change there would be chaos in the country. I believe some type of official would shut down the internet, making hard for people to obtain information. Next, I think officials would try to shut down Al-Jazeera, so they would be unable to get stories out about what is happening within the boarders. If I were in Qatar for this crisis, I would turn to the international radio, seeing it is extremely hard to block. I would tune into a major international radio station such as BBC radio or CNN to try and understand what is happening in the country regarding the regime change.

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