Course Abstract

FYSM 104, “Dickinson & Slavery” with Professor Matthew Pinsker, meets at Dickinson College during fall semester 2019 on Mondays and Fridays at 1130am at the House Divided Studio (61 N. West Street).  The main academic course text is a collection of essays entitled Slavery and the University (2019), edited by Leslie Harris, James Campbell and Alfred Brophy.  Students will also read articles, essays, and book chapters from leading scholars and intellectuals such as Ta-Nehisi Coates, Eric Foner, Colson Whitehead and Sean Wilentz.   They will study artists such as Moses Williams and Kara Walker.  Perhaps most important, they will learn about key African American figures from Dickinson’s past, such as George Norris, Noah and Carrie Pinkney, Henry Spradley and Robert Young.  Students in the course will produce several essays of their own and one web project that revises their earlier writing assignments into a multi-media teaching exhibit on a key historical figure from the Dickinson & Slavery initiative.