Spanish Class Participates in Migrant Farm Labor Health Outreach

Spanish instructor Asuncion Arnedo received her second consecutive grant this year from Partnership for Better Health in order to continue the “Migrant Farm Labor Health Outreach” in Upper Adams County.

Since 2007, Arnedo has been leading an annual service-learning project that is part of a Spanish course at Dickinson College (Spanish for the Health Professions). The project involves students performing volunteer work four hours a week at health clinics. The clinics serve Spanish-speaking orchard workers in Adams and Franklin Counties during the fall apple season. The great majority of individuals who visit the clinics are migrant workers from Mexico who come to Pennsylvania each year for the apple harvest. Through a partnership with Keystone Health and their Migrant Health Program, Dickinson students provide volunteer work interpreting for the Spanish-speaking farm workers and the English-speaking health providers.

During the summer of 2015 faculty and staff from the Department of Spanish and Portuguese purchased items for the wellness bags and were able to put together 250 bags for distribution.

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