Cuban Mosaic

Cuban Mosaic 2016

This past January, ten students from two different Spanish classes traveled to Cuba for a mini-Mosaic. The two classes that participated, which took place in the fall 2015 semester, were SPAN 360, “Introduction to Translation,” taught by Professor Mark Aldrich and SPAN 380, “Cubania and Cuban Cinema,” taught by Professor Margaret Frohlich. While in Cuba, students completed various translation projects, some working directly with authors of the texts they were translating. The students had the chance to meet with the writers and artists they had been learning about in the previous semester and to see for themselves the cultural influences they had studied.

The group enjoys a baseball game in the Estadio Latinoamericano of Havana.
Professor Margaret Frohlich gathers with some of the students in front of the Bay of Pigs museum.
Poet Roly √Āvalos (left) with Professor Mark Aldrich (right).


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