New Opportunities in Málaga

Though the Dickinson in Málaga program has long attracted students specializing in the Spanish language, new opportunities may begin to attract students who are interested in different fields. Senior Olivia Lowden spent last semester in Málaga and found that she was able to study much more than the language itself. “The Dickinson in Málaga program has so much to offer students,” says Lowden. “In addition to improving my Spanish, I learned so much about art history, geography, and sustainability.” Now there is a sustainability class offered to students who may be interested in learning more about conservation efforts in Málaga. While in Spain, Lowden met with Enrique Nadales Zayas, the coordinator of sustainability in the Málaga government. Together, with the help of Dickinson Professor Asunción Arnedo-Aldrich, they helped organize a beach cleanup that Dickinson students could readily  participate in. Check out the Program’s sustainability blog!


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