Spanish 231 Visits Haldeman Island

On Saturday, March 2, Professor DeLutis-Eichenberger and her students in Spanish 231 (Reading the Southern Cone: Lessons in Sustainability) braved the snow to travel from campus to Haldeman Island. Maintained by the Pennsylvania State Game Commission, this 831-acre reserve serves to nurture and protect native Pennsylvania wildlife, including the bald eagle. There, the class met with Pennsylvania State Game Warden, Timothy Wenrich, who offered a detailed presentation on the mission of the State Game Commission. The class then enjoyed a brief private tour of the lands along the Susquehanna River, where they encountered otter tracks and listened to the sounds of the resident birds. Upon their return to campus, the students reflected on their experiences in a digital diary and in class discussions that served to tie their experiences from the excursion together with sustainability issues presented in the novella they are currently reading in Spanish.


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