Senior Olivia Watson Earns Fulbright Scholarship to Spain

In the middle of March, English major and Spanish minor Olivia Watson was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to Spain. Watson studied abroad in Málaga during her junior year and is excited to return to a new city in Spain, this time off the mainland. “I’m so excited to teach English in the Canary Islands,” says Watson, “and immensely grateful to Dickinson and the Fulbright program for this opportunity! I was inspired to apply after studying abroad in Málaga, Spain in the spring of my junior year, when I lived under the hospitable roof of the Almoguera family. Their kindness and patience helped me develop my confidence as a speaker and enabled me to form meaningful connections in my non-native language. I feel indebted to their family and hope to replicate their kindness in my role as an English teaching assistant. I’ve been doing a lot of research about the Canary Islands, though I still don’t know which island I’ll be working on, and am enthusiastic to immerse myself in a new part of Spain, with its own vibrant history and tradition.”

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