FYS Peer-Review at the College Farm and Visit to The Hive

On Friday, September 20, Prof. DeLutis-Eichenberger and her FYS students (course: “Passport to South America: Ecocritical Journeys through Contemporary Literature”) conducted a peer-review session at the College Farm for the students’ first formal writing assignment. The first-year students also enjoyed a farm tour led by Jenn Halpin (Director of the College Farm), and a South American-themed dinner held outside of the barn. The students revised their work based on the feedback for the following class, and they also prepared the short story “Wild Honey” by Horacio Quiroga.


The class reconvened at The Hive on Monday. Cody Rosenbarker (Sustainability Learning Coordinator) began the session with a honey tasting activity (none of which was poisonous, as in the story!), an instructional activity on the role of bees in our world, and an art exercise using honeycomb stamps. Equipped with protective gear, the class then ventured to the hives, where everyone held a frame filled with bees. The class ended with an analytical discussion of Quiroga’s story, to tie the experiential session to the literary piece.

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