Spanish for Health Professions learn about Global Care

Students enrolled in Asun Arnedo’s Spanish for the Health Professions (SPAN 239) gather for an end-of-semester group photo. Spanish for the Health Professions, a specialized course emphasizing Spanish language and culture as they relate to health and medicine. The course goal is written and oral communication and cultural fluency as they relate to Global Health Care, Food Security, Immigration, and the delivery of health-care services to Limited-English-Proficient, Hispanic patients. Off-campus volunteer work with native Spanish speakers is required. Dickinson students provide volunteer work interpreting for the Spanish-speaking farm workers and the English-speaking health providers.

Keystone Health held its End of the 2019 Season Party for all the health professionals, including the student translators from Arnedo’s SPANISH 239 class, at the Agricultural Workers Program on December 5, 2019.

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