Engaging Against Climate Change

On February 15, 2020, the students of Professor Asuncion Arnedo’s “Spanish for the Business Professions” class (SPAN 238) and students of ­Dr. Heather Bedi’s “Environmental and Social Justices” class (ENST 280) attended the Open House on Climate Change in Harrisburg. To prepare, each Spanish student presented one specific, environmental issue to the class. As a result, we were able to provide Spanish translation services for climate change concerns such as: greenhouse gas emissions, heat index, cap-and-trade programs, understanding carbon dioxide emissions, recycling, tree preservation, rain to drain programs, impact of grease on the water system and more. The event was hosted by members of the Environmental Justice Advisory Board, such as Dickinson’s Dr. Heather Bedi, and the City of Harrisburg’s Environmental Advisory Council (EAC).

Here, Dickinsonians welcomed and accompanied people to the informational tables with interactive displays on specific environmental issues. During the keynote presentation, Tomas Bascolo ‘21, a student of Dr. Bedi, interpreted the information given by ­the secretary of Department Environmental Protection of Pennsylvania. Children’s activities such as face painting, coloring and cornhole were also available to engage the wide range of age groups present. All participants and guests were even encouraged to taste the creative and delicious vegetarian refreshments available such as edible spoons. By attending this unique experiential opportunity, Dickinson College students joined members of the Harrisburg community to raise awareness, engage, reveal environmental justice issues, and to eliminate any language barrier.

Check out what Fox43 News had to say here: https://www.fox43.com/article/news/local/open-house-on-climate-change/521-91cc9a07-a94e-4be5-9ae3-024c0f82e1a6


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