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Student Snapshot: Ana Matovic ’22

Ana Matovic ’22’s passion for justice was ignited through rousing courtroom scenes on Law & Order. Now, as an intern at the Department of Justice (DOJ), she’s learning what a career in law is really like—and she’s even more impassioned about her intended career. Below, Ana discusses what excites her most about that high-level internship, the iconic Supreme Court justice who inspires her, her favorite class, the club that’s made all the difference and more.


Carlisle, Pennsylvania.


Political science and Spanish.

Clubs and organizations:

Mock Trial (vice president) and Multilingual Writing Center (Spanish-language writing tutor and writing associate).


Sigma Delta Pi, Dean’s List, John Montgomery Scholarship and Trustee Scholarship.

Best thing about my major:

The best thing about my political science major is having the ability to take courses that allow me to learn more about the legal system and the way it operates. The best thing about my Spanish major is that I have the ability to increase my Spanish fluency while also learning about the cultures of various Spanish-speaking countries. The Spanish courses offered at Dickinson are diverse and cover a wide range of topics, so I have been able to immerse myself into many different components of Spanish culture.

As I kid, I wanted to be …

A lawyer. I grew up watching shows like Law & Order. While these kinds of shows are highly dramatized, the idea of investigating a crime and arguing in court always seemed super interesting to me. Once I got older and learned more about what it is really like to be a lawyer through various courses I have taken and internship experiences, I knew that it was the right career path for me!

Favorite class/learning experience:

In fall of my junior year, I got the chance to take Gender & Justice with Assistant Professor of Political Science Kathryn Heard. This has been my favorite course at Dickinson so far because I got to read, analyze and discuss various court cases and see how women’s roles in the legal field have grown throughout history. As I am a woman who is going to be entering the legal field, I think that it was really beneficial for me to get the chance to see how women have broken through gender stereotypes and have fought their way to equality.

If I could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, it would be …

… Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In my Gender & Justice class, I got to learn a lot about her legacy and her impact on women entering the legal field. During her time in the legal field, she consistently fought for gender equality and fought against discrimination. She was truly an icon who made a huge impact on the world, and I strive to make a meaningful impact on society just like she did.

About my internship:

I am currently a legal intern at the Consumer Protection Branch within the Civil Division of the Department of Justice. This branch works on civil, criminal and defensive cases in order to enforce laws that protect Americans against various types of fraud and deceptive practices. I have a strong interest in public interest law, and I hope to work as a federal prosecutor after law school, so this internship has been the perfect experience for me. Since I am also a Spanish major, I wanted to be able to incorporate Spanish in my work and fortunately, this internship has allowed me to do so. During my time at the branch, part of my work has been with the legal team for Spanish fraud cases in which I have been transcribing and translating evidence. Through my time at the branch, I have gotten to learn a lot about the judicial system, how federal laws operate, and the different stages of prosecuting a case. I have also gotten the chance to hear from trial attorneys about their career paths and experience working at the Department of Justice. I truly enjoy the work at this branch because it is right in my career path and gauges all of my academic and professional interests.

Post-Dickinson plans:

After Dickinson, I am going to attend law school to become a lawyer in the criminal justice system.

On choosing Dickinson:

Living close to Dickinson growing up, I always thought that Dickinson’s campus was beautiful. Once I got to take a tour of the campus and sit in on a college class, I realized that I really enjoyed the diverse courses and programs that are offered. Because I knew that I wanted to continue learning Spanish at college, I was impressed by Dickinson’s focus on a global education and commitment to giving students the opportunity to study abroad. In the end, I applied to Dickinson Early Decision because It checked all the boxes for me, and I do not regret my decision at all!

Best thing about my Dickinson experience:

Having the chance to meet so many people who have the same interests as I do. Since I came to Dickinson knowing that I wanted to pursue a career in law, I decided to join the Mock Trial team. I have had the chance to serve as a captain and now vice president of the club. Through this club, I have met so many amazing people whom I have bonded with over our shared interests. For anyone who is hesitant to join a new club, I would highly recommend doing so, as the positive impact a club can have on your college experience can truly surprise you!

Proudest accomplishment so far:

Getting an internship at the Department of Justice during my junior year. I never thought that I would have the chance to intern there as an undergraduate student, so being able to work there is such an amazing learning experience. It has only solidified my desire to pursue a career in law!

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