Sigma Delta Pi 2022 Induction Ceremony

By Christine Marsh ’22

“Spanías Didagéi Proágomen”

The Epsilon Delta chapter of the Spanish honors society Sigma Delta Pi hosted its 2022 induction ceremony this Thursday the 14th. After being held online for two years due to COVID, the inductees were finally able to gather together in the Stern Great Room to light their candles and celebrate their accomplishments.

Current members, Alaina Clemence, Christine Marsh, and Ana Matovic- with the help of professor DeLutis- led the ceremony and ensured that all new inductees had their chance to sign their names in the book. As the three seniors had been inducted during COVID 19- they couldn’t pass up the chance to celebrate an in-person induction to recognize their peers in the department.

After the ceremony had concluded, friends, alumni, and faculty all joined together for a lunch put together by the Spanish Department: a buffet comprised of food from around the hispanosphere (and yes, there was cake).

The 18 inductees of 2022 are:

Leslie Alas, Carrie Becher, Carli Boyer, Issy Fife, Charlotte Goodman, Matthew Hochberg, Emma Lindsley, Doxey Loupassi, Shashita Paudel, Rhyan Rigby, Andreea Rosu, Maria Smith, Brendan Wilmot, Sebastian Antezana Quiroga, Andrea Lopez, Ana Torres Reyes, Camila Sofia Ogando Sibuet, Elisa Villaseñor Moreno.

The inductees receive their candles during the ceremony.
Three of the OSAs (Elisa Villaseñor Moreno, Camila Sofia Ogando Sibuet, and Ana Torres Reyes) are inducted at this years’ ceremony.
Senior Matthew Hochberg smiles and poses with his Sigma Delta Pi certificate.
Rhyan Rigby ’22 is congratulated by her friends.





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