The following links will allow you to download the teaching materials that Professor Emily Marshall and I have developed for an empirical research project in the advanced econometrics course at Dickinson College.

The pedagogical rationale and project structure are also discussed in our 2019 publication in the Journal of Economic Education, “Writing in the discipline and reproducible methods: A process-oriented approach to teaching empirical undergraduate economics research” [Click to Download]

These files are password protected. Please email us at or to obtain access.

Finally, these materials are a work in progress. If you find errors or discrepancies, please let us know. Additionally, if you have suggestions on how to improve these materials, please share them with us! Thank you.

Project Prompt

  1. Research Question & Annotated Bibliography: Prompt/Rubric
  2. Proposal: Prompt/Rubric
  3. Data Collection & Metadata Guide: Prompt/Rubric
  4. Literature Review: Prompt/Rubric
  5. Data, Methods, & Data Appendix: Prompt/Rubric
  6. Results & Discussion: Prompt/Rubric
  7. Final Paper & Final Replication Documentation: Prompt